Our professional teaching staff welcomes your questions and inquiries throughout the conference. They have a bank of knowledge and networking abilities. Please feel free to approach them and if they can’t answer your question, they will find someone who can! Our expertise at this gathering includes:

Dave Risley Has booked over 14,000 performances and is the author of numerous audio and video tapes as well as a popular children's book! He is also the Co-Director of Comedy Magic Workshop. Dave Risley has been a professional speaker and humorist for more than 15 years. An author of one book and the producer of several audio and video tapes, Dave has brought his humor and expertise to more than 2,000 presentations. 

His ability to present Team Building and Customer Service with a hands-on approach make his presentations applicable to any organization seeking to advance their internal and external customer relations. By helping organizations maintain satisfied staff and clients, Dave offers the tools and knowledge for companies to increase sales and services. 

After receiving his B.S. in Marketing, Dave has been able to draw upon his experience as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army; Regional Sales Manager for McLean Trucking; Corporate Vice-President of Sales and Operations for NR Productions; and as President of RES, Inc. to offer programs with an understanding of the challenges presented to organizations today. 

An award winning executive,Dave was honored with the Marky for International Marketing; a Diplomate award from both the International Association of Business Communicators and the International Council of Scholastic Program Executives; the AMC International Market Master Award; and the Golden Wand for Excellence in Performance, issued by the International Academy of Performing Arts.

 Dave has been entertaining and enlightening audiences that include the Virginia Department of Transportation; Virginia Power; the U.S. Navy; the State Department Federal Credit Union; Alleghany Regional Hospital; Sentara General; FMSA; Winston-Salem Society for HR Management; Virginia Beach Juvenile Court Services; Norfolk Public Schools; and Norfolk State University.

Jim Dixon Bio Coming Soon!

Chris Burton has been clowning around since 1997. His clown name “PJ” stands for Praise Jesus
because that is what he loves to do. Since God has given him the talent of clowning, it has
taken him to different parts of the US, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica. He has been on staff at
Show Me Clowns for Jesus, ClownTown, and TNT for Jesus, a Christian Clown retreat. He is a
member of the SouthEast Clown Association and Fellowship of Christian Clowns.

Hope Holmes has been fabulous since the day she was born. She has also spent a number of years being amazing. Her most redeeming quality is her humility. Hope has enjoyed clowning part time officially for a few years and has been involved in theater both on onstage and backstage for 14+ years. Hope has recently made the decision to start her own business called The Art of Fun, where she can fulfill her dream of teaching the arts to children and full time clowning. Hope loves bringing joy and smiles to the young and the young at heart.

DJ Ehlert is a professional entertainer and marketing expert with decades of experience. DJ is also a consultant, author, and inventor with a passion for enriching the lives of others through his products and services. DJ is the owner of Kenosha Magic and Costume located in the heart of the Midwest between Milwaukee and Chicago. Kenosha Magic is the combination of a retail store, a performance theater, and a local talent agency. 

DJ Ehlert is southeastern Wisconsin’s premier restaurant performer. DJ also performs corporate close up and platform performances with clients that include Snap On Tools, US Cellular,Abbott Laboratories, and Intermatic Incorporated.DJ has “appeared” in countless radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and television programs.DJ Ehlert currently hosts hundreds of performances per year in the special theater that is located at Kenosha Magic as well as many local venues. 

DJ is also the president of the Majiloon Balloon Pump Company. Majiloon is recognized as a leader in inflation for professional balloon artists. DJ stays in contact with his network of entertainers with his very popular monthly email newsletter “Performing for Profits” which is available for free. DJ Ehlert is a devoted family man with a passion for life and philosophy of “pursue your passion.”

In the words of the GEICO Gecko … My job is to make you laugh; I love my job!” 

Steve “Salty” Kissell is a clown, humorist, author and motivational speaker, Steve has performed in 46 states and 5 countries! Yes, Salty has been performing for 25 years at conventions, schools, churches, libraries, birthday and holiday parties.

He also shares the performing arts of clowning, comedy magic, and storytelling. He is a co-producer of Circus Magic, Clown Jam, and the Kentucky Clown Derby. 

You can always count on Steve for customized, fresh and insightful workshops. And of course, entertainers from around the world return year after year to learn at his entertaining and informative conventions.

David (Shorty) Sneed, Works for the Illinois State Police and has served as a Worship Leader for over 36yrs. David Became a clown in 1994 through a class at Rend Lake College located in Ina Illinois and became involved with Show me clowns for Jesus national conference shortly after.

David has served in the ministry for most of his life using clowning, music and his testimony to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. David has served on the Show me Clowns for Jesus task force for about 10 years and has a passion for innovative ways to spread the gospel.

Len Fort is Chuckles the Clown!

In 1995, Connie ‘TATER D. CLOWN’ Lundeen took one small step into the clown world by joining a company clown group that was forming at her sister’s work place. After a one day workshop, she knew that there must be more to learn and it was the start of a wonderful learning journey that continues today.

Connie has learned from many of the best clowns in the business, attending Clown Camp and Clown Jam on a regular basis for the past fourteen years. She has also attended Advanced Studies and Mooseburger Camp.

‘Tater D. Clown’ is well known for volunteer work at hospitals and nursing homes, and is a sought after entertainer for schools, churches, and various corporate functions.

Connie’s background as a teacher of physical education and water safety classes, has provided her the opportunity to work with children and adults of all ages and learning abilities.

After attending Clown Jam for several years, she was approached by Albert Lavender and asked to develop a program to help young people learn clowning skills. KIDS JAM became the younger version of Clown Jam, and hundreds of youngsters have benefited from the unique experience created by TATER and the professional staff of educators she assembles each year