Clown Jam 2017 Schedule  Final Edition!

Making America Funnier, One Clown At A Time!

Coloring the World Happy!

August 4-6

Thursday: 12:00 Dealer Set up                                                                                      

Thursday 6 PM staff meeting and Show Me Clowns Guild Meeting                                                                                    

Pre-Convention Classes: Friday August 4, 2017

8:00-10:00 Registration Open Ballrooms
9:00-6:00 Dealers are open! Grand Ballroom A & B

Friday Intensive Tracks: (Additional Fee Required) 10:00-4:00

9:15-9:45 Morning Devotions with Steve & David  Ozark Room

*You do not have to register for Clown Jam to participate in
any of the classes listed below.
These classes require an additional fee. Please see registration form for details.

Fabulous Face Painting with Hope Holmes             Ozark Room

This all day face painting workshop will take you from a zero to a hero! Whether you are just starting out or a veteran in painting a moving canvas, you will leave this workshop with a treasure trove of designs, tips and tricks to wow your clients and take your painting skills to the next level.

The All Around Family Entertainer with Riz  Dogwood Room

Would you like to learn how to perform for children of all ages? Want to learn how to amaze and educate at pre-schools, libraries and birthday parties? This is the perfect experience for you as you participate in this highly entertaining and educational day.


Balloon Décor with Chris Burton CBA Grand Ballrooms

This is a hands-on class, so after we make all this cool stuff, bring your cameras so you can get some pictures for your portfolios……and so you will remember how you did it.

You will want to take this newly learned talent back to your hometown so you can add some money making décor work to your clowning.


5:00-6:00  Competition: Face Painting: simple/full Balloons: single/multiple             A & B

6:00-8:00   Fun Pizza Party with raffles, awards & Clown Comedy of Salty with Riz!

8:00-9:00  Panel of Professionals: Riz, Jim, Chris, DJ & Hope with MC Spangle       A & B                       

Saturday August 5, 2017

8:00-9:00 Registration Open: Kids Meet for Classes

9:00-4:00    Kid Jam with Len, Hope & Connie              Ozark Room              

8:15-8:45    Morning Devotions with Len & David          Ozark Room  


9:00-10:00    1.  Storytelling & Puppetry with Riz: Discover how to combine two favorite performing arts to amuse, entertainer and educate children of all ages. This seasoned veteran of more than 12,000 performances will wow you with talents on the stage.


10:15-11:15  2. Clown Improv with Hope Holmes

Stuck in clown skit rut? Think you’re not funny? Clowning is all about having fun and bringing joy and all too often we find ourselves doing the same things over and over again until we get bored with our own clown. This high energy workshop will help you breakthrough the ruts aka “comfortable routines” you may have fallen into and get you back to Clowning ‘in the moment’. I guarantee you will be laughing at yourself and with each other throughout this fun filled workshop.


11:30-12:30 3. Awesome Birthday Parties with Jim Dixon   

This class will include power point visuals, live examples, and lots of fun tidbits that Jim has learned over the years. Also included will be class notes. So be prepared to enjoy yourself without a pencil in your hand because we are going to have some fun! As you leave this classroom you will have a multitude of ideas that you can put your own personal spin on, but more importantly you will know why you should always take the great honor of birthday party clowning seriously.                           
12:30-1:30    Lunch on Your Own: Pick up Kids


1:30-2:30  4. Entertaining with Balloon with Steve & DJ: A hands on workshop in which we will be learning several basic 260 shapes including a poodle, parrot, giraffe, flower, and more… It is designed for new and beginning balloon twisters to learn some of the basic sculptures.


2:45-3:45  5. Facial Expressions and Body Movement with Jim Dixon So you can make the balloons and face paint with the best of them. Your outfit and makeup are pristine, and people love you. You seem to have mastered everything, but still lack something that makes you feel confident about your character. Break through that plateau with this class. What I’ve found in my twenty plus years of clowning is the one thing that can and should become your best tool: Your facial control. With this class you will leave knowing your own face better than you ever have before. You will have new exercises that will enable you to move areas of your face in ways that will speak as clearly as words do. Don’t think that this is a class for the beginners, but don’t assume that you are too new either. ALL levels of clowns will benefit from this material and presented expertise. This will transform you from being great into being AMAZING.


4:00-5:00  6. So You Think You Can Clown? With Hope Holmes

Let’s invite your clown to play and get to know them better. Let’s dive into what makes your clown tick. Find out who your clown really is and what they want to do. Haven’t met your clown yet? This is the class to discover one of the best friends you’ll ever meet. Your clown!

5:00-6:00          Last Chance to Shop: Please Pick up Kids at 4:00

6:00-7:30          Dinner, KidJam Performance & Don’t miss out on the fun raffles! Plus, the      Amazing Talents of Jim Dixon and MC Chris Burton   Grand Ballroom A & B           


Sunday August 6, 2017

9:00-9:45 7. Favorite Birthday Party Routines with Riz

10:00-11:00   Clown Worship with Hope, Chris, Len and David   Grand Ballroom A & B                                        


There is No Audio or Video Recording Permitted Without Permission at the Conference.


Thanks for all of the years of your support. DJ and Steve will miss you. Bump a Nose!

 Kid Jam with Hope, Connie & Len

Kid Jam is an awesome educational adventure where kids (ages 8-16) will broaden their horizons building their confidence and self esteem as they learn from professional level instructors.

Saturday August 5, 2017 The kids meet with an awesome staff from 8:30-4:00 beside the main meeting room. All materials are covered in the registration fee. They will be performing on the Saturday night show!

Please indicate on the registration form if the kids are first time or returning. In addition, first time students may be eligible for the Dakota Kremeier Scholarship Fund.

At the Kid Jam participants learn:

  • Meeting the Staff
  • Fun Circus & Clown History Trivia
  • Make up Applications
  • Clown Movement and Music
  • Physical Skills
  • Costume Design
  • Clown Aerobics
  • Developing Clown Skits
  • Skit Assignments and Practice
  • Juggling Everyone Can Do
  • Practicing Circus Skills


Come join us for a fantastic fun and fabulous time to start or grow your clown!